Aqualisa is one of the UK’s most successful shower manufacturers. From the introduction of their revolutionary bi-metallic thermostatic shower valve in 1977 to the launch of the first Digital shower in 2001, they have always been renowned for quality, innovation and service.

In 2004, Aqualisa launched Axis Digital and in 2006, they unveiled the very first, entirely wireless and battery less remote control. Today, the Aqualisa story continues with further innovation, product development and enhancement.

Perfect temperatures, flow and fill. Baths that are beyond the ordinary; showers that are simply sensational. Created, customised and controlled by you. ilux Digital delivers intelligent bathroom luxury completely personalised for you, whatever your requirements.

Hi tech, luxurious, contemporary showering and bathing range. Choose from the HiQu Digital shower and bath fill range with its intuitive, one touch illuminated control or the newest addition to the range - HiQuXT exposed shower and bath shower mixer range. HiQu makes your dream bathroom a reality.

Showering doesn't’t get much smarter than the SeymourPowell designed Axis Collection. Sleek, sophisticated and oh-so-desirable, the Axis portfolio includes Digital and Thermo showers and matching taps. Axis Digital showers are powered by Aqualisa’s award-winning Digital technology; Axis Thermo showers use our tried and trusted thermostatic shower valve.

Whether you choose Quartz Digital, the shower that launched a showering revolution or Quartz Thermo with its durable and dependable thermostatic shower valve, you can be certain of a safe, temperature controlled showering experience that is second to none. And now you can enjoy temperature perfect baths too! Complete your bathroom with Aqualisa's latest offering - Quartz Digital Bath, a total bathroom solution.

The new face of Digital showering. Visage Digital is the perfect introduction to digital showering. Just one touch and you are up and running with a powerful, thermostatically controlled shower. And for the water conscious, there is an eco setting, set on installation to reduce the flow rate to around 8 litres per minute.

Contemporary looks, reliability, thermostatic precision and outstanding performance only touch the surface of what Aqualisa's Midas 100 exposed shower and bath shower mixer range has to offer. Suitable for high pressure, combination boiler or gravity water systems, Midas 100 is crammed full of great features for the bathroom. Plus, if you also choose the innovative easy fit fixing bracket it's a dream to install.

Looking for an attractive, well designed shower or an all in one, stylish bath shower mixer of the highest quality finish, that offers a beautiful performance? Well, look no further, Midas 200 offers all of this and more...

With great styling the Midas 300 range is available as Shower and Bath Shower Mixer and is suitable for both High Pressure and Low Pressure environments, where it can provide impressive flow rates.

If you want a shower that effortlessly combines luxurious styling and functionality with outstanding thermostatic shower performance, look no further than futori. With not one, but two heads to choose from, futori delivers perfect temperature and flow and is made to the highest quality finish. Beautifully designed, versatile, practical and with a thoughtful attention to detail, this is a shower that simply can't fail to please.

Aspire DL offers a superb thermostatic shower performance with dual lever temperature and flow controls, as well as perfect spray patterns that come courtesy of Aqualisa's new Harmony shower head range. With both concealed and exposed shower systems to choose from, Aspire DL is an excellent choice for your bathroom.

Sharing all the features of its 609 stablemate, but with the additional luxury of a solid brass shower valve, the Aquavalve 700 Thermo is the ultimate fusion of showering style and substance.

Boasting a power shower experience that's hard to beat, the Aquastream Thermo is an ergonomically designed shower that neatly conceals an integrated pump, making for an easy-to-fit shower ideal for smaller spaces.